Deals and Specials


5%  per disc per day discount

Got a stack of old records that you're tired of lugging around?

Bring 'em down to the Commodore on your next visit! 

For each disc you donate to the cause (good music and great times), we'll give you a cumulative 5% discount for one day of your stay, up to 20%!*

*by 'playable,' we mean something in decent shape that is worth playing. 
How do we decide if it's worth playing? 
If you can look us in the eye when you present each record and explain why this record is worth playing, we'll take it.


Prana Massage Package

This is the perfect addition to your anniversary or birthday getaway! 

Add a massage, a footsoak, a beverage and a sauna to your stay.

Please book a week in advance for scheduling and note this package is subject to availability. 
This package is not available for Sundays or Mondays and appointments are between 10 am and 3 pm.

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