Astoria is the oldest American settlement on the Pacific Coast. It has a rich past filled with everything from temperance crusaders battling the raucous dancing and gambling halls, violent cannery and dockworker strikes, mysterious millionaires, a brief KKK rise to power, and much more. The survivor of two major fires that completely razed the downtown section of the city, Astoria as it stands today was completely rebuilt in the early-1920s and remains much as it looked in 1929. It is a living remnant of America's small-city downtown past, but it's no Colonial Williamsburg. Astoria is a living, breathing place, encapsulating a century of development in three well-preserved, historically-significant districts while maintaining a vibrant contemporary atmosphere that brings together the best of the old and the new. Buildings on the national historic register house decades-old businesses alongside fresh new concepts in brewing, cuisine, and entertainment. Every time you come, you'll get a fresh experience and a few surprises.